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At ITW Ramset we have an ongoing commitment to product testing. We pride ourselves on the extensive list of approvals and listings for our entire ITW Ramset product line. Listed below are some of our most frequently requested reports available for download. If you have questions or require copies of any additional reports, contact our Technical Service Department at 1-800-726-7386 or techsupport@ramset.com.

Note: Ramset will make every attempt to respond to emails within 48 hours.
If you prefer more immediate assistance, please call 800-RAMSET6 (726-7386).

Downloads are .pdf Adobe Acrobat Files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click on the icon below to download a free copy.

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ICC ESR-1799 - Fasteners: Ramset Powder-Actuated Fasteners, Ramset PowerPoint Fasteners and Angle Clip Fasteners (Note: This report replaces ER-1639 and ER-5099)

ESR-2690 (sill plate) - Fasteners: Manual, Pneumatic or Powder-driven Steel Studs and Nails
(Note: This report replaces ICC ER-1147)

COLA RR-22668 - Ramset Powder-Actuated Fasteners
Reevaluation due date: September, 2014


ICC-ESR-2174-Gypsum Sheathing to Metal Studs

ICC-ER-5380-Plywood Panel to Steel Framing GypFast

GypFast Negative Wind Load Test Report

Georgia Pacfic Dens-Glass Gold® Recognition Letter

National Gypsum e2XP® Recognition Letter

USG Securock® Evaluation Report

Dens-Glass Gold® Pullout Test Report

GlasRoc® Negative Wind Load Test Report

GlasRoc® Technical Update

Hardiplank® Nail Withdrawl and Tensile Test Report

GypFast Nail Withdrawl Test Report

GypFast Teks Pin Tensile and Shear Test Report

GypFast UL Fire Resistance Ratings Report

GypFast Declaration Letter Florida Building Code

COLA RR-25638 GypFast Gypsum Sheathing
Issued Nov 2012

Effective January 1, 2009, ITW Buildex has transitioned the selling of the GypFast product line to ITW Ramset. The fasteners continue to be manufactured by ITW Buildex; fastener head stamping and design remain the same. All approvals, listings and tests citing ITW Buildex should be considered valid for fasteners sold under the ITW Ramset name.

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ICC ESR-2579 - Fasteners: TrakFast Fasteners (Note: This report replaces ER-5001)

COLA RR-25264 - TrakFast Fasteners
Reevaluation due date: September, 2014

ICBO ER-5667 Plywood Pin



ICC ESR-1955 - Ramset T3 Power Driven Fasteners

COLA RR-25739 - Ramset T3 Fasteners
Reevaluation due date: Dec, 2013