Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a License to operate the T3MAG tool like the ones for powder tools?

No licensing is needed to operate the T3MAG tool. The T3MAG tool does not use powder actuated loads as defined by the ANSI A10.3 standard "Powder Actuated Fastening Systems - Safety Requirements", nor does it operate on the same principle(s) as a powder actuated tool. Therefore the tool does not fall under the ANSI A10.3 standard, and licensing of the tool user is NOT required.

Is the gas or fuel the tool uses hazardous?

The gas is similar to the propane fuel used by many barbeque grilles. It is flammable, and the gas in the can is under pressure; so it should be handled with caution. Similar precautions should be taken as with a flammable aerosol can.

How should the fuel cell be stored and disposed of?

Disposal regulations vary throughout the country. The best method to describe storage and disposal, is that the fuel cell should be stored and disposed of in a manner similar to that of an aerosol paint can.

How do I adjust the power on the tool?

The T3MAG is of a unique design where power adjustment is not needed. There are no settings on the tool; the same power source is used for all base materials. Varying pin lengths are needed for Steel / Pan Deck and concrete base materials. The self absorbing energy bumper contained inside the tool does all the rest.

How do I maintain the tool?

The T3MAG tool can run for extended periods, largely over and above a typical powder tool without any maintenance. Clean burning fuel allows the tool to run for long period without maintenance. Just wipe the dust and debris off the outside of the tool, occasionally wash the foam air filter in the top of the tool and thatís all. (Video: Cleaning Air Filter)

Will this tool replace my powder tool?

No, the T3MAG is not a complete replacement for powder actuated tools. It will however replace most of the shallow embedment depth applications under one inch, where many times a #2 Brown load is used with your powder tool.

I canít use powder tools on my job, how could this tool help me?

The T3MAG tool is not a powder tool. It does not fall under the same classifications nor does it operate on the same principles of a powder tool as outlined by the ANSI A10.3 standard on powder actuated tools. In most cases in can be used on jobs where powder tools are not allowed. It is quiet enough to operate in tenant occupied buildings; and since there is no gun powder involved, the tool can be used on jobs where gun powder is not allowed such as many airports and government buildings.