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Gas Technology
1-1/2" Pin Capacity
42 Pin Magazine Capacity

| SPEED Three to five times faster than powder tools. 42-pin magazine reduces loading time.
| EASY TO USE  Tool automatically resets piston. No recoil, tool absorbs shock resulting in less operator fatigue.
| NO LICENSING REQUIRED  Unlike powder-actuated tools, no licensing is needed.
| NO CHANGING LOADS  TrakFast uses a fuel cell, not a load. No need to inventory different colored loads.
| NARROW NOSE AND PROFILE  Allows tool to reach inside deep leg track (1-5/8" wide x 2" high).
| 2 Year Warranty (6 months on wearable parts).
| Part No. TF1100
| Length: 17"
| Height: 15-1/2"
| Weight: 8.375 lbs.
| Maximum Capacity: 42 pins
| Maximum cycles/second: 2
| Fuel cell: 1000 shots
| Battery (charged): 3000 shots
TrakFast ICC ESR-2579 is the only approval that allows you to fasten into any location on a hollow block wall and won’t blow away block like a powder tool.


Applications, Battery, Fuel Cell and Common Fasteners

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