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.27 Caliber Strip Tool
Specifically Designed for Overhead Applications
1-1/2" Pin Capacity
| AUTOMATIC LOAD ADVANCE  Load is advanced consistently each time the Viper is fired.
| AUTOMATIC PISTON RETURN No time spent manually resetting or cycling the tool. Allows you to work faster.
| OVERDRIVE PROTECTION  Heavy duty buffer system prevents front end damage caused by piston overdrive —especially through sprayed-on insulation.
| OPEN FRONT-END DESIGN  Completely redesigned open-ended muzzle keeps your tool cleaner longer.
| SIMPLIFIED BARREL RETENTION COLLAR  No tools are required for assembly or disassembly.
| STABLE STEEL COLLAR  The Viper screws securely into the end of the extension pole with the steel collar ensuring a more durable and rigid connection.
| USES EXISTING VIPER POLE SYSTEM  Works with the existing family of durable Ramset poles.
| 3 Year Warranty
| .27 caliber, 10-strip loads: 3 (Green), 4 (Yellow), 5 (Red)
| Weight: 4.5 pounds
| Maximum Pin Length: 1-1/2"
| Length: 17 inches
| MVP500AP Advance Lever Assembly
| MVP140 Piston
The Viper screws solidly onto a pole for high reach and secure operation for ceiling applications.
Viper: Fasteners/Strip Loads, Extension Poles, Additional Overhead Systems

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