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Company History

1948: Ramset Fasteners, Inc. founded by Jesse Williams. Jesse developed the first Ramset tool in his garage. Commercial success grew rapidly from his invention and Ramset became known as the problem solver of the construction fastening industry.

1952: Ramset was purchased by Olin Industries. One year later the world’s first trigger operated powder actuated tool was developed, known as the JOBMASTER. Olin’s leadership and Ramset’s innovation lead the company to many “firsts,” which included the first piston-driven low-velocity powder actuated tool, the first underwater powder actuated tool, and the first one-piece drop-in masonry expansion anchor (Dynabolt).

1978/79: Built and opened a pin production facility in Paris, KY. It remains one of the last powder and gas pin manufacturing plants in the United States.

1982: Ramset introduces the D60 powder actuated tool, the first semi-automatic tool sold.

1984: Ramset strictly sells through distributor partners.

1986: Illinois Tool Works (ITW) purchases Ramset (located in St. Louis, MO) to become part of the Construction Products Division. To achieve maximum synergy with other ITW divisions in the Chicago area, Ramset moved their headquarters to Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

1988: Due to their similar products and marketing networks, ITW purchases FL Phillips Drill (Red Head) and merged the two companies, creating ITW Ramset/Red Head. With the merging of the two companies moves the headquarters to a larger facility in Wood Dale, Illinois.

1989: Ramset/Red Head introduced EPCON a technically advanced liquid anchoring system.

1992: ITW Ramset/Red Head introduce the TrakFast, a fuel cell powered fastening tool along with ½” and ¾” strip pins to attach drywall track to concrete.

1993: Opens up sales international to the Korean market.

1994/95: Acquired VIPER and COBRA powder actuated tools from Steelcon. Both brands remain top selling names in the industry. • Brands begins selling Ramset products through home centers.

1998: A tool assembly plant was opened in Glendale Heights, Illinois to assemble Trakfast tool and any newly designed powder actuated and gas powered tools.

2003: Ramset changes its motto to: Driving Jobsite Speed and dedicates resources to develop products that specifically save jobsite time and labor. • Ramset focuses on the commercial electrical contractor and introduces the T3ss, the first single-shot gas tool targeted to the needs of the electrical contractor. Ramset developed a line of commonly-used pre-assembled fasteners to be used specifically with the T3ss tool provide a complete fastening system solution.

2006: As both Ramset and Red Head units of the business continued to grow, the need to segment to allow each brand to focus on their specialized trades and channels became apparent. In early 2006, the businesses were officially segmented.

2007: In March of 2007, Ramset relocated to a new headquarters in Glendale Heights, IL which allowed Ramset to bring sales, marketing, engineering, human resources, technical support and the tool assembly plant to be under one roof. • Introduction of T3MAG, the next generation of track fastening gave gas technology the power to easily shoot overhead into hard concrete and steel without having to use powder. • Ramset sells Red Head products by introducing a new (electrical) distribution channel.

2009: With Ramset’s focus on the drywall trade inherits Gypfast, developed and pioneered by sister company ITW Buildex to fasten exterior Gypsum to steel stud. • Ramset gets into the $200 million Spring Steel market by partnering with Minerallac, a value-added repackager and selling through the STAFDA distributors. Ramset quickly gains market share and dedicates resources to develop innovative products.

2010: Introduction of XT540 powder fastening tool.

2011: Innovative development of new spring steel devices like: XBA16 & 24 expandable box brackets, CB & CBD, FCB, and a series of J-Hook pre-assembled with pins. • Introduction of the mini, the fastest way to attach metal stud to track that will revolutionize installation time. • Introduction of the innovative TE Pins (True Embedment) .157 pin series: sized to accommodate the material fastening through dictating a “true embedment”, depth marking on the head of the pin, and tapered shank. • Ramset redesigns TrakFast (TF1200) to utilize the same battery technology as the T3MAG while improving dependability and reliability.

2012: ITW restructures combining Ramset, Red Head, and Buildex into a new organizational called ITW Commercial Construction.

ITW is a Fortune 500 company and there are over 840 decentralized Business Units in over 52 countries!