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Ramset-I-F Concrete Fastener

T4 I-F Fasteners Brochure

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Fastener Specs

The T4 I-F is 4X faster than the traditional stick pin installation method. It allows the installer to attach insulation in one simple step without the use of adhesives or cutting spindle insulation anchors anymore.

  • Pin Material: Heat treated carbon steel
  • Pin Finish: Mechanical Zinc Plated
  • Washer Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • 2-3/8" Holding Diameter
  • The fastener assembly is clearly branded Ramset along with the length of the fastener assembly


  • Saves days over the traditional insulation fastening method saving time and labor costs.
  • Fasten the insulation directly to concrete, hollow block, and steel studs. No glue and stick pin insulation anchors anymore.
  • The fastening is consistent and clean looking.
  • The tool allows you to fasten the insulation in tight spaces around pipes and sprinkler systems.
  • The T4FUEL can shoot more than 1000 shots before it needs to be replaced.
  • The system can be used year round: unlike stick pins, you won't be restricted by cold temperature or wet surfaces.
  • Lower operator fatigue.
  • Thermal bridging: 99.5% efficiency.
  • 1" - 6" insulation pin capacity.
  • Automatic power adjustment.

integrated caps

integrated caps

Fastener Selection Chart

Insulation Thinkness Concrete or Block Part No. Steel or Wood Part No. Box Qty
1" T4IFC-100 T4IFS-100 500
1-1/2" T4IFC-112 T4IFS-112 500
2" T4IFC-200 T4IFS-200 500
2-1/2" T4IFC-212 T4IFS-212 500
3" T4IFC-300 T4IFS-300 500
3-1/2" T4IFC-312 T4IFS-312 500
4" T4IFC-400 T4IFS-400 500
5" T4IFC-500 T4IFS-500 500
6" T4IFC-600 T4IFS-600 400
Tool T4IF T4IF 1

Ramset Catalog 2022

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