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T4 I-F Compact


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Insulation Fastening Innovation In A Smaller, Lighter, More Powerful Design

Feel the Difference

The product features of our latest innovation encompass several key elements aimed at enhancing user experience and efficiency. These include a smaller and lighter design, strategically crafted to alleviate fatigue during prolonged use. Furthermore, the increased power of this product significantly improves stick rate, ensuring enhanced performance. Additionally, the incorporation of a 180° rotating scaffold/belt hook adds versatility and convenience, offering users greater flexibility in various working environments.


Installs in seconds
  • Up to 4x faster than stick pins
  • One-step installation
  • Eliminates all fastener-related pre/post work
Reduces injuries
  • Fewer hand injuries from sharp stick pins
  • Less recoil than powder tools
  • Reduced torque than screw installations
Meets rigorous industry standards
  • First to market and third-party-tested/approved
  • Recommended by multiple insulation manufacturers
Reduces thermal bridging
  • Integrated cap creates thermal break
  • Saves energy – reduces building heating and cooling costs
  • Up to 27x more efficient than other methods
Performs in multiple environments
  • Works with insulation up to 6 inches thick
  • Attaches directly to concrete, block, steel stud, and wood
  • Works in all weather conditions

Ramset I-F Compact will fasten into:

integrated caps

How it works:

integrated caps

Selection Chart

Insulation Thinkness Concrete or Block Part No. Steel or Wood Part No. Box Qty
1" T4IFC-100 T4IFS-100 500
1-1/2" T4IFC-112 T4IFS-112 500
2" T4IFC-200 T4IFS-200 500
2-1/2" T4IFC-212 T4IFS-212 500
3" T4IFC-300 T4IFS-300 500
3-1/2" T4IFC-312 T4IFS-312 500
4" T4IFC-400 T4IFS-400 500
5" T4IFC-500 T4IFS-500 500
6" T4IFC-600 T4IFS-600 400
Tool T4IF-CT T4IF Compact Tool 1

Ramset Catalog 2022

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