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T4 I-F


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The fastest insulation attachment system on the market

Install insulation in one simple step year round. Fasten to five different substrates with the same tool.

Fastens insulation to concrete, block, exterior stud, or wood


  • Safer and up to 4X faster than stick-pin fasteners
  • No need to pre-measure fastener location, wait for adhesive to dry, or push washers on pins and trim length
  • Safer than gun-powder-driven fastening because less recoil, no spent powders casings, and no license required
  • Safer and faster than screw an washer fasteners
  • Delivers less torque to the installer's wrist and elbow

integrated caps

integrated caps

Fastener Selection Chart

Insulation Thinkness Concrete or Block Part No. Steel or Wood Part No. Box Qty
1" T4IFC-100 T4IFS-100 500
1-1/2" T4IFC-112 T4IFS-112 500
2" T4IFC-200 T4IFS-200 500
2-1/2" T4IFC-212 T4IFS-212 500
3" T4IFC-300 T4IFS-300 500
3-1/2" T4IFC-312 T4IFS-312 500
4" T4IFC-400 T4IFS-400 500
5" T4IFC-500 T4IFS-500 500
6" T4IFC-600 T4IFS-600 400
Tool T4IF T4IF 1

Ramset Catalog 2022

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