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Gypfast G2

Gypfast G2 tool

The fastest method for attaching exterior sheathing!

Fully automatic coil system is 3 to 5 times fastener than screw attached methods. An aggressive nail shank design provides high performance data in both pullout and shear conditions.

Attach exterior gypsum to metal stud Apply exterior sheathing or wire mesh over sheathing Fasten window and door bucks to light gauge metal
Exterior gypsum or plywood sheathing to light gage metal stud (18g-14g) Specialty Exterior Sheathing or Wire Mesh over sheathing Fasten window and door bucks to light gage metal


  • Gas Technology
  • No License Required
  • Easy push down force
  • Battery “OFF” position
  • Quiet enough to work in occupied buildings

Tool Specifications

  • Length: 16"
  • Height: 13"
  • Weight: 8.9 lbs.
  • Maximum Pin Length: 2-1/2"
  • 2 Year Warranty (6 months on wearable parts)

Included With Tool:

Two Batteries, Battery Charger, Safety Glasses, Operators manual, Carry Case

Common Accessories

P/N Description
B0092 Battery
TFUEL Fuel Cell (1000 shots)
100342 Magnetic Nose Piece for Lathing Discs

Common Fasteners

P/N Description
GF112 1-1/2-inch pin to attach sheathing to metal stud
GF212 2-1/2-inch pin to attach “2-by” lumber to metal stud

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